Raising $250 Million Since 1998: Proven Fundraising Tactics and Tips with Nick Desai


In this episode of Fundraising Demystified, we are joined by Nick Desai, CEO of Together by Renee, a cutting-edge AI-driven healthcare app that streamlines health-related tasks while ensuring privacy, and it’s freely accessible. Nick shares his unique perspective as a serial entrepreneur who has successfully raised over $250 million since 1998. He’s raised capital every year since 1998. He has a wealth of experience to share including being faced with shareholders' best interests and the potential risks of selling too early vs holding on for the bigger exit.
Explore how Nick’s wealth of experience and fundraising success unlocks valuable insights with a particular focus on the pivotal role of professional investors. He also emphasizes that while valuation may be important, finding the right investor who can provide expertise, contacts, and assistance in hiring is crucial for growth and success. Tune in to uncover real-life strategic approaches that Nick shared, equipping entrepreneurs at all stages with the knowledge to master fundraising.

01:23 – Founder’s Dilemma: Balancing Shareholder Interests with the Risk of Selling to Early
06:40 – Capitalizing on Market Strength: Timing and Regrets in Fundraising
12:15 – Beyond Valuation: Why the Right Investor Takes Precedence
19:41 – Valuation Risks Unveiled. The Perils of Overestimating in a Shifting Market
25:03 – The Power of Investor Terms, Conflict, and Reputation
32:19 – The Unpredictable Challenges of Dealing with Strategic Partners
37:53 – Facing the Unforeseen: Personal Insights into Management Changes and Deal Challenges

Nick Desai, the seasoned serial entrepreneur and visionary CEO of Together by Renee, a cutting-edge generative AI-driven healthcare app, has been a trailblazer in the startup industry. Nick has always aspired to be an entrepreneur, inspired by his father and grandfather's business ventures. After completing his graduate degree in electrical engineering at UCLA, he gained experience as an engineer and in management consulting. He then took the leap and started his first startup, learning the ins and outs of venture pitching along the way. Among his notable achievements include Heal, a groundbreaking venture focused on on-demand healthcare services. Heal's outstanding success has played a pivotal role in Nick's impressive total of $250 million raised throughout his outstanding career.

You can reach Nick Desai on his LinkedIn account here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickdesaiai/
To know more about his business, check out this: https://together.renee.com/
Hosted by Jason Kirby - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrkirby/
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